2/8/20235 min read

In this section I'll be introducing you to what I bring along on my trips to shoot photos. While it isn't a long list all items in here are important and I feel I wouldn't be able to create my content without it. I will also say that more expensive gear doesn't make you better in any way, it just makes your life easier, I'll explain below and put links to where you can purchase.

First up is my camera; the Sony A7III, before, I had researched and researched and researched different cameras from so many Youtube videos, and from everyone that I had watched I had no doubt in my mind it was a Sony. I was stuck between this one and the A7II, at the time I didn't have much money and while the last model was cheaper I had a few things I didn't like about it that would make getting a more expensive camera more worth it. For starters the A7III's battery was much improved, not having to worry about battery life was a big thing for me since my previous camera(Canon SL2) had died on me too soon in certain situations and if you're a photographer hired on a job you know there is pressure on you to deliver a great product but also make sure all your gear is in working order. Secondly having the flexibility of a full frame sensor was a big change for me, during this time I was really into night photography so having that extra bump in low light was a big help to get great quality photos with the least amount of noise possible. Lastly the amount of focus points on this camera was greatly increased from the last generation, having 693 focus points in comparison to the 117 of the A7II was incredible. Not only does this allow me choose the exact spot I want to focus on, it also allows me to let the camera do a little bit of the work for me in situations where I am using Auto modes.

Attached to my camera is the Peak Design Cuff wrist strap, there's not a whole lot to say, it works great and I continue to use it every single time my camera is in hand. It's great if you've got clumsy hands or need the extra protection for mistakes that might happen, sometimes just having the peace of mind knowing that if I do drop my camera it wont fall into oblivion.

Next is my favourite lens the Tamron 70-180mm f/2.8 Di III VXD, the whole Tamron line is a great alternative to the native Sony lenses, giving you great quality but at a much lower cost. When I got this lens I was blown away with the quality of images it captures as well as the weight, its a good balance between quality, price and weight. Also having the lower aperture combined with the compression of a zoom makes for some really beautiful photos. I cannot wait to get my hands on more of their lenses. A little fun fact about Tamron too is that they use all the same filter thread size so you can save a little money on filters by sharing them between lenses, especially when you aren't needing certain ones for specific shoots

Every journey needs a tripod but when you're on the road it's kind of hard to be carrying something so bulky around. Luckily the Joby Gorilla Pod is here to help us, incredibly durable and lightweight it's good for all your tripod holding needs. Need to do a long exposure and keep your camera steady? or maybe it's just you traveling on your own and you need a great selfie, I make sure this is always packed in my bag ready to go. They have multiple options depending on camera weight and size but they all make great compact companions on a trip, and now Joby has made phone holders too so whether you are propping up your old DSLR or need something to hold your pocket companion you are ready for wherever life takes you.

The first time I had traveled I had a less than ideal setup with the pack I had brought, no spot for a water bottle could only carry my one lens, I was always carrying around two bags. When I got back I quickly realized I had to make a change so I switched to the Thule EnRoute 20L pack. It fills all of my needs, fits under the seat when I need to fly and it's extremely comfortable with its padded back for extra support. Pictured below is all that I put in my pack in a day when I am out, usually when I'm in transit from one place to the next there will also be my laptop and water bottle in there too. It is fully padded inside to keep all your items nice and safe from any falls you may have or if you tend to be a little more rough with your pack.

As I said above gear doesn't make you a better photographer especially if you don't know how to use the tool thats in your hands and buying a $2000+ camera for something that you'll barely use is a waste of your money. If I knew what I know now I actually would have gone for a cheaper camera body and splurged more on lenses, yes there are certain features that help on camera's but what makes an image great is composition not what you took it with. The products I mentioned above are what works for me and it may not work for everyone, sometimes you need to go through trial and error to fully realize what things are great. Maybe it is the expensive piece of equipment or maybe its the second hand or lower end gear that get the job done. For those reading I hope you enjoyed this and it helps you decide if you are looking for a new piece of gear, thanks again for taking the time to come here and check out my blog,