Venice in December

Umbrellas & Gelato

2/6/20234 min read

Venice is a city of many colours, but in winter the water and fog give an eery feeling when walking the streets. During this time it'll be wet and it's not just a small amount of rain were talking about here. When my girlfriend and I travelled to Venice in December it was pouring from day one, I know most people may not love that but it gave an even more magical vibe to a city full of secrets around every corner. We made our way through the narrow corridors clutching our one umbrella we had to share between the two of us and our cameras in our other hands doing all we could to stay out of the rain.

We had parted ways with St Mark's, tummies full of Italian ice cream, and decided to make a full escape from the rain and head into Doge's palace. Built in 1340 it is a symbol of Venetian architecture created for the leader of Venice between the 12th to 17th century, the palace is covered from floor to ceiling with famous Italian artwork, there is no other beauty like it. In the off season the palace isn't so busy so it's easy to buy a ticket same day, we got ours for €30 each but I'd suggest buying in advance during the busy season so you don't miss out. Many websites offer great deals some times better than the price on their own website so be sure to look up trusted sources like Klook, Viator or Getyourguide so you're prepared for the day. The palace is quite large so be prepared to spend a lot of time here, there is a bonus section at the end of the palace that is the prison cells that they used to keep inmates during that time. Be prepared for some stairs and small corridors, I'm six feet tall and had to duck quite a bit. Through dungeon area you walk through the Bridge of Sighs named because the prisoners would physically sigh while walking across because it was the last beautiful view of Venice that they would ever see.

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Last but not least I want to thank everyone who takes the time to read my blog or check out my photography work, everyday is a new journey in photography for me and I am happy you're along for the ride. See you next time ,


Doges Palace Courtyard

One of many canals in Venice

Views of Venice

Foggy view of Basilica di San Girogio Maggiore

Doges Palace Interior

Paintings on the Ceiling of Doges Palace

Doges Palace courtyard

Venetian armour and weapons

St Marks basilica looming in the fog

A local walking down one of the many narrow passages with the Rialto Bridge in the background

As you walk through Venice you'll naturally find your way to St Marks Square or as the Italians say it "Piazza San Marco. Here you'll find lots of great cafes and shops as well as the San Marco Basilica that towers above the square. During the winter time there are many platforms set up across the city and as we walked around we weren't quite sure what it was for, but as more and more rain came and started to flood the square we knew these were the only things to avoid being knee deep in water.
Once we avoided the puddles, we got some gelato and enjoyed the sounds and sights of the square and the unique foggy setting that was out in front of us.